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How Can Muslims Respond to the Paris Attacks?

It seems to bring back to life the hours after September 11th. Now in Paris twelve journalists are dead at the hands of two murderers shouting "Allahu Akbar." How it is possible to shout something like this while killing people is a mystery. Maybe they do it just for this reason: to stain the name of Islam.

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Arts & Culture / Music / Ahmet Hakkı Turabi, PhD

Meaning "place and time of birth," the word "mawlid" is used in the Islamic world to express the honored welcoming of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to this world. Muslim poets competed with one another to make literary works regarding the Prophet...

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Book on Prophet as Social Reformer by Sarah Conover

Conover, author of multiple religion books including the prize-winning Ayat Jamilah: Beautiful Signs: A Treasury of Islamic Wisdom for Children and Parents, adds herself to the growing list of biographers of the Prophet Muhammad.

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Prophetic Medicine

Muhammad / Social Life / Zeynep Ünver

Tibb Al-Nabawi, better known as Prophetic Medicine, is a collection of Prophetic Traditions about health and medicine related advices which Prophet Muhammad imparted to his Companions as well as practiced himself

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Omar Qureshi at Rihla

The Sirah provides, in addition to all the stories of the Prophets in the Qur’an, the story of our Prophet...

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Attitudes and Behavior of the Prophet towards Non-Muslims

The most obvious facet of Prophet Muhammad’s attitude and behavior towards non-Muslims is the fact that he never compromised his moral virtues. As the Qur'an states, the Prophet always showed “the most beautiful morality” and presented humanity with the most beautiful example of this morality.

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9 - The First Muslims

With the Divine command to convey God’s message to the people, Prophet Muhammad now started to invite those around him to the religion of Islam. This invitation continued for up to three years in secret.

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10 - Open Invitation

The public invitation to Islam started in Makka after the fourth year of Prophethood. The Prophet Muhammad’s first and most important addressees were the Quraysh.

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38 - Last Call to the Polytheists

After Makka’s conquest, Prophet Muhammad made agreements with polytheistic tribes such as the Khuda’a and Mudlij – as he had made with those neighboring Madina such as the Damra, Ghifar, Juhayna and Ashja’ from the first year after the Emigration onwards – which ensured the freedom and safety of those visiting the Ka’ba for the major and minor pilgrimage and which guaranteed that no one would be in fear during the sacred months.

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What non-Muslims know about the Prophet Muhammad / Interviews / asked members of different faith traditions living in Turkey about their views, knowledge and feelings about the Prophet Muhammad, with some interesting results.

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