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"Living Islam in the 21st Century" in Istanbul, Turkey

Ihsan Academy is now accepting applications for the summer-intensive program: "Living Islam in the 21st Century"

read more 17.04.2017, Monday

Boğaziçi University will host Dr. Jonathan Brown!

Dr. Jonathan Brown, from Georgetown University ...

read more 18.05.2016, Wednesday

International Seerah Symposium

From April 9th to 12th Meridyen Association and hosted...

read more 22.04.2015, Wednesday

Jonathan Brown on Being Inspired by Prophet Muhammad / Interviews / Ahsen Utku

"There isn't always one rule that you can apply to your life that will tell you how to act. You have to be able to read the situation and act in the best way. The Prophet knew how to do that; that is inspirational. I think that is the most important thing."

read more 18.08.2010, Wednesday

Being a part of an Umma

What is the feeling that makes one feel part of the Muslim ummah? What brings about this feeling, a feeling which eliminates excludes all unnecessary attachments and makes one feel a part of a whole, leaving all appendages such as race, culture, income, etc. irrelevant?

read more 25.06.2010, Friday