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Last Sermon delivered to all fifty US states

An American muezzin will deliver the Prophet's Last Sermon...

read more 07.04.2015, Tuesday

How Can Muslims Respond to the Paris Attacks?

It seems to bring back to life the hours after September 11th. Now in Paris twelve journalists are dead at the hands of two murderers shouting "Allahu Akbar." How it is possible to shout something like this while killing people is a mystery. Maybe they do it just for this reason: to stain the name of Islam.

read more 22.01.2015, Thursday

Mosque attacks in Sweden

An arson attack on a mosque...

read more 30.12.2014, Tuesday

Islamophobia and the Fear of Influence / Writers / Adilah S. Muhammad

read more 10.11.2010, Wednesday

The Covenant of Medina Versus Islamophobia / Writers / Asma Adnan Zarzour

"Islam is intolerant to other religions"; this is a claim used today around the globe to justify the growing fear of Islam and Muslims! However, the truth is entirely the opposite.  

read more 03.11.2010, Wednesday

Islamophobia in Italy II

A fear of “others” is not exceptional in modern nations. Although this was not the case in the past, in recent times it has become a widespread problem. The Mediterranean area has been perceived as a place of common identity for centuries.

read more 28.10.2010, Thursday

Prophet Muhammad and the Middle Ages II / Writers / Karen Armstrong

At a time when Jews and Muslims were being fused in the Christian imagination as the common enemy of civilisation, it is interesting that one of the first positive portraits of Muhammad in the West comes from Peter Alfonsi, a Spanish Jew who had converted to Christianity in 1106 and then lived in England as the doctor of Henry I.

read more 19.10.2010, Tuesday

Who does Islamophobia Frighten? / Writers / Ahsen Utku

One of the most important factors in Islamophobia is that it is domineering, like a mythological dragon which everyone fears, but which is continually fed through victimization; this is undoubtedly the language used by the media. Regardless of how often concepts such as...

read more 01.10.2010, Friday

The Message of Prophet Muhammad to the 21st Century / Interviews / Ahsen Utku

I would say that it would be very interesting and important to try to relate the message of Prophet Muhammad to contemporary times. Today’s contemporary man is in search of the values: what are the values in life? In that sense, the hadith of the Prophet can serve as a very important source of inspiration.

read more 29.09.2010, Wednesday

Putting things in Perspective: Rereading the Prophet’s Life / Interviews / Zeynep Alp

Jamal A. Badawi is an Egyptian born Muslim Canadian and former professor in the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is a well-known author, activist, scholar and speaker on Islam and Muslims. He discusses the importance of a careful,, analytical study of the Prophet's life for Muslims in today's world and the world at large.

read more 18.08.2010, Wednesday