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Heraclius Questions Muhammad's Prophethood

How to determine prophethood...

read more 10.02.2015, Tuesday

Poem by Chinese Emperor Hong-Wu praising the Prophet

Emperor Hong-Wu wrote a 100 word eulogy praising Islam, Allah and the Prophet Muhammad which he had placed in the mosques which he ordered to be built.

read more 08.04.2013, Monday

From A Bedouin Tent to the Byzantine Throne

At a time when Arabia was sitting content with an obscure fate, before the advent of Islam, at a time when the isolated and barren deserts were buried in centuries of isolation, immediately above this region a struggle was taking place that was to...

read more 19.03.2010, Friday

Conquest: An Invitation to Hearts

The date is still the first year of Umar's caliphate. Arabia, a place that had known no ruler, has become unified by Islam; the hearts and minds are open to the reality of Islam. Arabia now turns to the world geography to...

read more 19.03.2010, Friday