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Dawah in the 21st century: Qur'an as Graphic Art / Interviews / Hatice Sarı

A young Indonesian artist explores...

read more 24.12.2014, Wednesday

Prophet Muhammad's Relationships with his Family and Relatives

Muhammad / Social Life / M. Bahauddin Varol, PhD

Prophet Muhammad set up principles based on the Quran to create an order in social life. A few of these principles include the brotherhood of all Muslims, helping one another and solidarity amongst people as well as putting up a shared stand against injustice.

read more 18.09.2013, Wednesday

The Prophet as a Teacher

Muhammad / Social Life / M. Şevki Aydın, PhD

According to the Quran, the Prophet is responsible for tabligh

read more 11.09.2013, Wednesday

Friday Sermon - The Importance of Quranic Learning in Childhood Education / Friday Sermon / Kemal AYDOĞAN, Ankara Provincial Deputy Mufti

Our children, the apples of our eye, are each a blessing and a trust from our Creator to us, and are brought into this world in the purest of states. For all living things, the continuation of life is only possible through the protection of our lineage.

read more 23.03.2011, Wednesday

Conveying the Prophet to Hearts and Minds: Between the Classic and the Modern / Interviews /

We talked to Yusuf Ziya Kavakci, living in the United States for over 20 years and Founding Dean of the Suffa Islamic Seminary, about the ways to carry Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to the contemporary age in the United States.

read more 19.03.2010, Friday

Online Islamic Education Opportunities

The Internet has transformed the nature of mass education in the modern world by expanding access to all segments of society. The transmission of knowledge has probably never been wider, as the intellectualized..

read more 17.03.2010, Wednesday

Islamic Devices on Sale: “ADD TO CART”

With dazzling speed, electronic and digital Islamic products have started to stretch beyond the boundaries of the imagination; they are now mobilizing the markets as well as helping people carry out their religious duties.

read more 15.03.2010, Monday

Building Human Beings / Writers / Najla T. Ilhan

It was a small white frame house with a huge back yard and five ancient, towering pecan trees that lined the outside of its semi-circular drive.  From the road, one could see the entrance of the building behind the trees.

read more 11.03.2010, Thursday

On the Hadith Studies in Turkey

The Hadith / Hadith Sciences / Yavuz Ünal, PhD

The period between 1920 and 1950, which could be labeled "a political vacuum of religious education", was no different for hadith (sayings of the Prophet) studies. However, the Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs gave Ahmed Naim the...

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Motifs used by Prophet Muhammad in Educating Society

Muhammad / Social Life / Cemal Ağırman, PhD

The essential rules and regulations contained in the divine books were demonstrated to society by the Prophets, the men to whom these rules had been revealed; with explanations, both verbal and demonstrative...

read more 05.03.2010, Friday