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Prophet Muhammad's Relationships with his Family and Relatives

Muhammad / Social Life / M. Bahauddin Varol, PhD

Prophet Muhammad set up principles based on the Quran to create an order in social life. A few of these principles include the brotherhood of all Muslims, helping one another and solidarity amongst people as well as putting up a shared stand against injustice.

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New Children's Book on the Sirah

The Story of Muhammad is the first animated and interactive book app about the blessed Prophet (peace be upon him). Written by American Muslim children's book author Alexis York Lumbard with classically-inspired miniature paintings by Maram al-Hidmi, the book covers the most essential aspects of the Prophet's life and prophetic mission.

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5 - Marriage to Khadija

Khadija was the daughter of Khuwaylid ibn Asad, a prominent member of the Quraysh. Her grandfather Qusay was related to ancestors of Prophet Muhammad. Khadija, who was married twice before marrying the Prophet, was a noble, beautiful and rich woman.

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Observations and Evaluations on Prophet Muhammad’s Relationship with Children

Muhammad / Social Life / Adem Apak, PhD

Prophet Muhammad, who had a deep level of love and compassion for children, was involved with them by bringing himself down to their level and concerning himself with their problems.

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Zaynab's marriage to Prophet Muhammad / Emine Gümüş Böke, PhD

Muhammad Asad (d. 1992) and Suleyman Ateş state that our Prophet's aim in this marriage was to put into practice the new ruling on the divorced wives of step children in addition to fulfilling a moral obligation through honoring Zaynab.

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A Name to Remember / Writers / Najla T. Ilhan

When my daughter was a year old, it became very clear that I would not be able to satisfy her companionship needs. She needed someone whose only responsibility was to play with her. She needed a sibling. It was wonderful when my husband and...

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Even Playing / Writers / Najla T. Ilhan

It had been snowing for over a week already and only once did everything turn white for a little while.  It was so lovely to see the flakes fall, sometimes in large fluffy clusters and other times as frozen beads, but we all longed to go out and play in it.

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Aspiration for Truth / Writers / Najla T. Ilhan

How wonderful it is to observe the innocence of children.  Taking every word spoken as the truth, these little ones with bright eyes and immense hope are so full of trust.  Just as beautiful are the adults, their guiding examples, which honor that innocence and...

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Educating Children with the Guidance of the Prophet

This incident had taken place in the Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi, where Prophet Muhammad was checking the distribution of dates that had been collected as zakat (yearly alms). In order to understand the Prophet's reaction to Hasan's action...

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Prophet Muhammad addressed the Emotions of the Young

Muhammad / Social Life / Seyfullah Kara, PhD

Prophet Muhammad gave utmost importance to the training of children and youth in the education of the individual. He did not undertake such education in a random way, but implemented extremely important methods that took into account the psychology of youth.

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