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How Can Muslims Respond to the Paris Attacks?

It seems to bring back to life the hours after September 11th. Now in Paris twelve journalists are dead at the hands of two murderers shouting "Allahu Akbar." How it is possible to shout something like this while killing people is a mystery. Maybe they do it just for this reason: to stain the name of Islam.

read more 22.01.2015, Thursday

Free Speech à la française

Is free speech a shield raised to excuse attacks on cultural and religious minorities?

read more 21.01.2015, Wednesday

Condemnation and a Call for Restraint


Muslims were insulted and hurt by such atrocious attacks which targeted their sacred values. The movie, Innocence of Muslims, which was recently released, has been the latest in this chain of systemic attacks.

read more 15.09.2012, Saturday

French Provocateurs at work – again!

Recent developments in France bear all the hallmarks of the cartoon crisis of 2006-2007 which shook the globe and had an indelible impact on the Islamic world.

read more 03.11.2011, Thursday

Responsibilities for the Islamic Community

The meeting with the Turkish scholars was very interesting many points of view. A group of Muslim intellectuals debating about Prophet Muhammad and the image of Islam in the West is something special today.

read more 25.06.2010, Friday

A Perfect Example of the Influence of the Media: The Cartoon Crisis

The assaults against Islam and Prophet Muhammad in the media were probably not a new phenomenon, but the twelve cartoons depicting and denigrating Prophet Muhammad can be accepted as the turning point in the confrontation between the Muslims and the advocates of Islamophobia, between an unlimited freedom of expression and a responsible freedom of expression.

read more 17.03.2010, Wednesday

"More People Converting to Islam in Denmark after the Cartoon Crisis"

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We interviewed Gonca Şenler, an active member of the Islamic community in Denmark, about the repercussions of the cartoon crisis, as well as what the rates of conversion to Islam in Denmark were and the reasons for such conversions.

read more 15.03.2010, Monday