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Arabia in the Pre-Islamic Period

Life of Muhammad / Pre-Islamic Arabia / Nihal Şahin Utku, PhD

To understand the religion that Prophet Muhammad conveyed and the effects that this religion had on society, it is necessary to understand in part the ethnic, geographic, social, cultural, economic and religious features of the environment in which Prophet Muhammad lived.

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1 - Makka before Islam

Prophet Muhammad, God’s Messenger and the last prophet, was born in the city of Makka. Makka is in the west of the Arabian Peninsula, lying between Asia, Europe and Africa, within the Hejaz region. It is important to be aware of the history of Makka, the Ka’ba and the Quraysh tribe in to understand the life of the Prophet.

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Largest book on Prophet planned

Plans are under way to publish literally the largest book on the Prophet Muhammad, which is expected to weigh 1,600 kg and contain 420 pages, each page with dimensions of four by five meters.

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Muhammad as a Ruler Prophet

Muhammad / Social Life / Ahmet Özel, PhD

The extraordinary success of the Prophet as the leader of a movement which had worldwide implications can be explained by two aspects, one spiritual, the other material.

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