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A'isha, the Mother of the Believers and Teacher of Scholars

The Companions / The Prophet's Wives / Prof. Dr. Abdullah Kahraman

‘A’isha (may Allah be pleased with her) holds a unique place among the wives of the Prophet since she excelled in her knowledge and her social activities, leading the way among female scholars of jurisprudence to become the wise mother of believers.

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The Prophet and Women

Muhammad / Social Life / Betül Argıt

Religions and philosophers have discussed relation between men and women

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The Sunna of Love

The Sunnah, that is taught at times, seems to overlook amazing instances of passion, valor, fidelity and sacrifice in the name of true love. Instances from the life of the Prophet and his companions builds a comprehensive system of devotion – a Sunnah of Love.

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The Wives of the Prophet

The Companions / The Prophet's Wives / Betül Yılmazörnek

In Arabic, the phrase Azwaj-i-Tahirat means “the pure wives” and refers to the women to whom Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was married. Although the Prophet was married to only one woman during the Meccan period..

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At What Age did Aisha Marry the Prophet?

The Companions / The Prophet's Wives / Reşit Haylamaz

When covering the life of Prophet Muhammad, one of the most debatable topics is that of the age of his wife Aisha when the two married. Her alleged very young age has been used in smear campaigns against the Prophet.

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26 - The Ifq Incident

When Prophet Muhammad left Madina for the Banu Mustaliq Campaign, he took his wife ‘A’isha with him. On the return to Madina, during preparations to resume the journey after having stopped at a resting place, ‘A’isha noticed that she had dropped the Yemeni agate necklace that her older sister or mother had given to her and retraced her steps in order to find it.

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Women Retake Islam: The Prophet -- And My Mother -- Would Be Proud

My first novel, Mother of the Believers, focused on Aisha, the wife of Prophet Muhammad. Aisha has inspired Muslim women for centuries. She was a scholar, a poet, a jurist, a politician and a military commander who led armies. And she was the one woman whom the Prophet was closest to, the one he chose to spend his final hours with, the one who cradled the Prophet's head as he passed away. And it was under Aisha's house in Medina that he was buried. But Aisha is not alone. There have been innumerable Muslim women who have changed the course of history...

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The Qur'an

The Qur'an / Nihat Temel, PhD

The Holy Qur'an was not revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) solely as a means to keep out of harms way, or to be read at graveyards while mourning; nor was it written down and committed to memory just so that its spirit would be espoused and its orders abandoned...

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How the Prophet related to his wives

ImageHow was the relationship between the Prophet and his wives?

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Marriage Age of Aisha

ImageMost sources indicate that Aisha was only 9 years old when the Prophet married her. How would you explain this situation?

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