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A'isha, the Mother of the Believers and Teacher of Scholars

The Companions / The Prophet's Wives / Prof. Dr. Abdullah Kahraman

‘A’isha (may Allah be pleased with her) holds a unique place among the wives of the Prophet since she excelled in her knowledge and her social activities, leading the way among female scholars of jurisprudence to become the wise mother of believers.

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The Sunna of Love

The Sunnah, that is taught at times, seems to overlook amazing instances of passion, valor, fidelity and sacrifice in the name of true love. Instances from the life of the Prophet and his companions builds a comprehensive system of devotion – a Sunnah of Love.

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Humza Maqbul Chaudhry at Rihla 2013

There was a time that Islam was abu Bakr and the Prophet in a cave, ... but who was the third One with them? Allah subhana wa ta’ala (God, glorified and exalted), and so if you have Allah with you, no matter how bleak the odds look, you have a bright future.

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17 - The Emigration (Hijra)

After the second Aqabah pledge to Prophet Muhammad, he gave permission to his companions to emigrate (hijrah) to Yathrib.

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26 - The Ifq Incident

When Prophet Muhammad left Madina for the Banu Mustaliq Campaign, he took his wife ‘A’isha with him. On the return to Madina, during preparations to resume the journey after having stopped at a resting place, ‘A’isha noticed that she had dropped the Yemeni agate necklace that her older sister or mother had given to her and retraced her steps in order to find it.

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Rule of Those Who Were Promised Heaven

The Righteous Caliphs period. Rule of those who were promised heaven.

Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali were personally designated by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as "caliphs who were on the straight path, held tightly to truth and justice...

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Being the Breath of the Prophet

The Arabian Peninsula was choking in a suffocating smoke. The fire had become enflamed in three or four blind corners of this desert geography which had found life with the Prophet's breath; the dense smoke spread over every oasis, valley and...

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Fire in the Arabian Peninsula

Experiencing a serious uncertainty and panic with the loss of the Prophet, like "sheep caught during the night in a downpour of rain," the Muslims gathered together before long under the guidance of Abu Bakr "whom Allah had freed hell."

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Search for the Abandoned City

The Messenger of Allah passed away; Medina lost its miracle, friend and leader. The physical absence of the Prophet (pbuh) hit the city that revelation had expanded like a fist. The mourning city that had sent its greatest beloved to eternity was lamenting...

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Abu Bakr: Being Friends with the Prophet

All arrows were pointing towards Medina. A sign had been given, and preparations for the journey had begun. Those who would come on this journey that would change the flow of history and the calendar were taking their places in turn.

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