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Exploring the Truth within Cinema

The ummah of Prophet Muhammad keeps their desire for seeing him until the next world, and shuns any attempts to imprison him in the shallowness of an image; this being the case, we were curious how he had been represented in film. Here we go...

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From Texas to Truth

...Childhood days on a farm in Texas, a family with roots in England, Germany, Scotland and among the Native Americans, the first questioning of the Church, a search for the truth, a book picked up in the university library ..

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Aspiration for Truth / Writers / Najla T. Ilhan

How wonderful it is to observe the innocence of children.  Taking every word spoken as the truth, these little ones with bright eyes and immense hope are so full of trust.  Just as beautiful are the adults, their guiding examples, which honor that innocence and...

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Can Cinema Be a Window of Truth?

Folders / Cinema / H. Humeyra Sahin

The momentary shadows cast on the "silver screen" by man's imagination earn the right to be born again in a different time and place by means of the cinema. A shadow cast in Hollywood is born again in Istanbul. Shadows travel inch-by-inch around the world...

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Imitation or Role Model?

Muhammad / Social Life / Hümeyra Aslantürk, PhD

Showing Muhammad as a role model in the development of an ideal personality requires that his personal qualities have universal dimensions. For the individual principles of a model person should be able to be evaluated from a broader and more general perspective than just traditional cultures.

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