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Prophet Muhammad in our family lives / Emine Gümüş Böke, PhD

In many of his hadith, Prophet Muhammad has pointed out the importance of one's family, highlighting that the family is one's place for seeking peace of mind. In his family life we can find valuable experience and lessons for true and everlasting happiness and peace of mind, particularly for married people.

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Zaynab's marriage to Prophet Muhammad / Emine Gümüş Böke, PhD

Muhammad Asad (d. 1992) and Suleyman Ateş state that our Prophet's aim in this marriage was to put into practice the new ruling on the divorced wives of step children in addition to fulfilling a moral obligation through honoring Zaynab.

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“Ahl-i Bayt” in the Holy Quran

The Companions / The Prophet's Household / M. Zeki Duman, PhD

Ahl-i Bayt was the name given to the tribe responsible for taking care of the Kaaba, which was called the bayt al-aliha before Islam, as well as the idols therein. Then the scope of the term was expanded, and it was given a meaning which included the defense and administrative activities of Mecca, in addition to its religious connotations.

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