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The Relationship of the Companions and Prophet Muhammad in the Quran

The Companions / The Companions / Ali Galib Gezgin, PhD

The Companions, who were the first to receive the Quran when it was revealed in the 7th century, were examples, like the Prophet, both in behavior and practice for those who would come after them due to their sincere affiliation with him.

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Mercy and Compassion Embraced Everyone

Muhammad / The Person / İsmail Lütfi Çakan, PhD

In order to understand to what degree the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is a mercy ("We sent you as a mercy to the world" Al-Anbiya 107), it is necessary to take a look at the situation of the world before him. When the Prophet was still in his twenties, he participated in the Hilfu'l-Fudul which had been founded for the purpose of struggling against injustice, and he took an active role in it.

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The Companions / The Prophet's Household / Ethem Ruhi Fığlalı, PhD

Hasan was born in the month of Sha'aban (January-February 625) or 15 Ramadan (1 March) in the 3rd year after the emigration to Medina. His father (Ali) wanted to give him the name Harb (war), but his grandfather..

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Servitude of Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad / The Person / İhsan Ali Karamanlı, PhD

Prophet Muhammad performed his religious acts in the most perfect manner and taught people how to perform these acts. When we look at the Holy Quran in terms of the religious acts and worship of Prophet Muhammad, we find the following issues...

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