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Hajj: an Inward and Outward Journey / On Islam / Muhammad Hüdayi (Stuart Clark)

In this article, I would like to share with you some of my personal reflections on the hajj, a journey to the center of the Muslim world to where the faith began, not just for Muhammad (pbuh), but because it was where Abraham (pbuh) built the first house of pilgrimage dedicated to a monotheistic conception of God.

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The Madina of Awliya' Chalabi

Arts & Culture / History / Dr Mustafa S. Küçükaşçı

Awliya’ Chalabi makes the reader feel as though they are entering a unique realm while nearing the city of Madina. Through his writing, one gets the sense that one has arrived at the home of Prophet Muhammad’s emigration, not an ordinary city...

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Abu Hurairah

The Companions / The Companions / M. Yaşar Kandemir, PhD

He was affiliated with the Daws branch of the tribe of Azd, yet his date of birth is not known. During the period of Ignorance, his name was recorded in various forms as Abd Shams, Abd Amr, Sukain, Amr b. Abd Ghanm. The holy Prophet (pbuh) changed his name to Abdurrahman or Abdullah.

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Freedom of Faith in the Practice of Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad / Social Life / Adem Apak, PhD

Thought and the freedom of thought also provide freedom of religion and faith, as religion and faith are matters of conscience and no power or compulsion can affect them. The verse, “Let there be no compulsion in religion; Truth stands out clear from error” indicates that compulsion and faith cannot coexist.

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Medina: The City Renewed by Emigration

Following a gloomy Maghrib prayer, the congregation leaves the Prophet's Mosque; all are silent. The congregation has shrunk in size; familiar faces have been replaced with faces that are now strangers through a loss of trust.

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The Chronology of the Era of Prophet Muhammad

Life of Muhammad / Chronology / Casim Avcı, PhD

A chronology of the life of Prophet Muhammad, spanning form his birth, childhood and youth, to his Prophetic mission across what is known as the Meccan and Madinan Periods, up until his demise.

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The Covenant of Medina Versus Islamophobia / Writers / Asma Adnan Zarzour

"Islam is intolerant to other religions"; this is a claim used today around the globe to justify the growing fear of Islam and Muslims! However, the truth is entirely the opposite.  

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A different perspective on the Mawlid

The entry of the last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) into this world has been present to humanity by way of constant pushing of the boundaries of literature; many literary pens have competed with one another in order to turn their ink into lines..

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The story of the Qur'an: From the lips of the Prophet to the holy book

A tired army of Islam enters the city of Medina. The army, which was returning Yamama in order to suppress the uprising instigated by false Prophet Musailmah, is greeted with great joy in the Islamic capital.

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