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What If There Is No Afterlife? / Writers / Fatma Bayram

We believe in the Afterlife because Allah (swt) says so, and the existence of the Afterlife is confirmed in the message of all Prophets and the Last Prophet, as well as the states which we will encounter there

read more 05.09.2013, Thursday

Fatma Bayram on Not Knowing What to Say / Writers / Fatma Bayram

“Not knowing what to say” is not always related to a deficiency in knowledge

read more 29.08.2013, Thursday

This World and the Hereafter

Aimed at man's happiness in both worlds, the religion of Islam asks that Muslims make connections to both worlds. Together with indicating that the next world is more beneficial (Anam 32; Duha 4), it aims for people to spend a life of peace and...

read more 11.03.2010, Thursday