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The Day of Ashura

Islam / Habib Umar bin Hafidh

The Day of Āshūrā, the tenth of Muḥarram...

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A Story of Betrayal: KARBALA

Islam / Adnan Demircan, PhD

In order to understand the events at Karbala, it is necessary to examine some earlier developments. Shortly after the death of Hasan in 49/669, Muawiyah started efforts to ensure that his son Yazid was accepted by the people as heir apparent to the caliphate. After nearly five years ...

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Discussions on Ashura and the Prophet's Family offers some videos and links to discussion on Ashura, the historical tragedy of Karbala and how Muslims should understand, and love for the Prophet's Family.

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The Day of Ashura and its Place in the Religious Life of the Ottoman Empire

The Day of Ashura was celebrated in the Ottoman period by Muslims according to the identity of their sect, either as a day of mourning or as a day of celebration.

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Mourning or Salvation?

The day of Ashura, the tenth day of the Islamic month of Muharram, has been celebrated throughout Islamic history mostly as a day of salvation. However, especially with the matrydom of Hussain and his people at Karbala, the day has gained a political dimension and become a day of mourning for especially the Shi'ah.

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The Day of Ashura and Its Historical Dimensions

Muhammad / Eyüp Baş, PhD

With the murder of Husayn on the 10th of Muharram 61/10, October 680 in Karbala, this date gained importance for Shiite Muslims, and it became a day of mourning on which the promise to wreak revenge for the murder of Husayn is renewed.

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