Hadith and the Classification of Hadith

The Hadith / Hadith Sciences / İsmail Lütfi Çakan, PhD

In religious terminology, the term hadith is used for "the words of the Prophet", and later came to be used for "his words, deeds and explanations".

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Reasons for Opposition to Hadith

The word "hadith" is the name of an infinitive meaning "to explain, inform, the thing explained/informed about, news, and words." The word was taken this broad dictionary meaning and began to be used for some special news.

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The Question of Prophet Muhammad's Ijtihad (Judgement)

The Hadith / Hadith Sciences / Adem Yerinde, PhD

The life style of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or the way he lived in accordance to God’s revelation, the Quran, can in general be called the sunnah. It might also be said that this sunnah of the Prophet, who was the last of the prophets and...

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