02.08.2013, Friday

(Let Me Call) My Lord On Thee

This song, sung by Nader Khan, is the English translation of a poem written by Yunus Emre (1240-1320), one of the most famous Sufi poets who has made a great impact on the Turkish-Muslim culture. This poem is at essence an entreaty to God, by means of the intercession of those things and people that are deemed to be close to God Almighty.

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Signs of Beauty (Nihavend No.34)

The ilahi (nasheed) 'Signs of Beauty' - translated into English from the Turkish original by Abdal Hakim Murad - is sung by poet and songwriter Dawud Wharnsby Ali.

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Sadreddin Özçimi

Tracks from Neyzen Sadreddin Özçimi's album, Sufi Rhythms - Sultan-i Ask

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The Mawlid


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Naat (poem)

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Qasida (Eulogy)

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