Ramadan Diaries


The Purpose of Fasting: Accustoming to Self to God-consciousness

Verse 183 in Surah Baqara prescribes fasting for all believers, and at the end of this verse Allah (s.w.t) explains the wisdom behind this command. In the words of Quran commentator Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır: “Fasting has been prescribed on us as it has been prescribed on those before us, so that we may shield ourselves from all sorts of danger and reach the rank of God-consciousness by attaining the faculty of mastering our lower selves and our desires.”

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Keeping Away From the Haraam is not Sufficient

The need for the fasting person to try to keep away from all sorts of haraam is self-evident. We will not be able to experience the worldly and spiritual pleasure of our acts of worship unless what we eat and what we drink, as well as what we speak and what we listen to, are distant from the stains of haraam.

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Our only knowledge of desperate hunger comes from the war and famine stories told by family elders and the novels we read. The deprivations suffered in various parts of the world do not affect those that are well-off and comfortable in the slightest.

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Moving Lips and Rustling Pages

One of the fundamentals of Ramadan is the muqabala,* which is a celebration of a sunnah that our Prophet (s.a.w) and Jibreel (a.s.) repeated every Ramadan. Mushafs, which would normally not be carried out in the open any other time, are pressed under the arms, people put on their skull caps and headscarves, and run to the mosques where muqabalas are taking place. 

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The Opportunity of Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan the devils are chained, temptations of the self fade, and raw instincts become weak. Eating, drinking, and sexual activity are abandoned, and one keeps oneself on guard even against a single bad word that may slip out of the mouth, hoping to keep the reward of fasting undiminished.

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The Miraculous Nighttime Meal

Ramadan is a time during which I feel my faith in Allah (S.w.t) and my respect for Him most deeply as His slave. I am amazed by the act of fasting, which is an act of worship that has no visibility whatsoever, and the authenticity of which can thus only be known by Allah (s.w.t).

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