Women Retake Islam: The Prophet -- And My Mother -- Would Be Proud

My first novel, Mother of the Believers, focused on Aisha, the wife of Prophet Muhammad. Aisha has inspired Muslim women for centuries. She was a scholar, a poet, a jurist, a politician and a military commander who led armies. And she was the one woman whom the Prophet was closest to, the one he chose to spend his final hours with, the one who cradled the Prophet's head as he passed away. And it was under Aisha's house in Medina that he was buried. But Aisha is not alone. There have been innumerable Muslim women who have changed the course of history...

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BBC to show film on Muhammad's life

The BBC is to trace the journey of the Islamic prophet Muhammad for a new series which is claimed to be a first for British television.

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International Seminar on Modern Trends in Sirah Writing

An international seminar on Sirah is being organised under the joint auspices of the National Sirah Study Centre, Islamic Research Institute and Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue, International Islamic University, Islamabad (26-28 March, 2011) to take stock of the different approaches to the subject, and to attempt critical surveys of the major studies on Sirah along with their theoretical underpinnings during the modern period 

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