Prophet Muhammad's cloak on display for visitors

The hırka-i şerif, the cloak of the Prophet Muhammad, is now on display at the Hırka-ı Şerif Mosque in İstanbul's Fatih district.

read more 08.08.2011, Monday

Relics of Prophet Muhammad to be displayed during Ramadan

The sacred relics of Prophet Muhammad will be displayed in Istanbul during the holy month of Ramadan.

read more 05.08.2011, Friday

YouTube broadcasts live first Evening prayer of Ramadan from Makka

YouTube began broadcasting the Evening prayer live from Makka Monday night to celebrate the first day of Ramadan. 

read more 03.08.2011, Wednesday

Life Of Muhammad was a thoughtful and important series

Life Of Muhammad saw Rageh Omaar concluding a thorough and revealing series about a subject most of us don't know enough about.

read more 25.07.2011, Monday

The Life of Muhammad: a timeline

As the BBC series The Life of Muhammad, presented by Rageh Omaar, draws to a close, we take a look at the prophet's life.

read more 25.07.2011, Monday

Is Muhammad a force of good?

The Life of Muhammad: Part 1 aired recently on BBC 2, Nafe Anam looks at whether it redefines modern narratives around Islam and the Prophet.

read more 20.07.2011, Wednesday

Masters of Time: The Smith of Derby prayer clock

The idea for the Smith prayer clock came after the company’s chief designer, Kevin Litchfield, visited Saudi Arabia. There, he noted the Islamic devotion to time and that almost exclusively, prayer clocks were digital. “We don’t do digital, but make clocks that are pleasing to the eye,” he said.

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