Book on Prophet set to break records

The biggest book in the world on the biography of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), set to be unveiled in Dubai, hopes to make its entry into the Guinness World Records.

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Muslim PR professionals need to 'unpack' the Prophetic example / News /

Muslims need to unpack the notion that Prophet Muhammad’s behavior was the Qur’an, founding Chairman of New York’s Cordoba initiative Imam Feisal Abd Rauf has said.

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Muslim Journalists Urged to Apply Prophet's Principles

Veteran Indonesian journalist Parni Hadi urged Muslim journalists to apply principles set out by Prophet Muhammad in their work to enhance their credibility.

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International Award

Meridyen Association receives international award for public relations excellence...

read more 08.12.2011, Thursday Goes Online with More Dynamic Interface

With its official launch in 2007, the Web Portal broke new ground in terms of both its content and its distinctive, unique and refined design.

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Book about Fatima, the Prophet's Daughter, Released in Moscow

A new book, published in Moscow, recounts the life of Fatima, Prophet Muhammad's daughter.

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Eco-Wudhu and Islam's Bright Relationship to Water

Islam’s relationship with water management begins during the ritual ablution, known as the wudhu, before prayers.

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Masterpieces of calligraphy art on view at Yıldız Palace

‘Masterpieces of the Calligraphy Art Hilya al-Sharif,’ that opened at the Yıldız Palace Mabeyn Köşk, is displaying nearly 100 examples of traditional calligraphic art.

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Vatican sponsors art exhibit featuring the Prophet Muhammad

For the first time, the Vatican is hosting an exhibit on Islamic calligraphy. The art form focuses on Prophet Muhammad, from his physical features to his "generosity, intelligence and wisdom."

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Vatican to host Hilya exhibition at Cancellaria

An exhibition featuring classical and contemporary examples of Hilye-i Şerif and prayer beads will open in the Vatican on Oct. 1. The Hilya al-Sharif is a description of the personal virtues and the qualities of the Prophet Muhammad.

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