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When the Social Contract is Breached in Egypt

Something has irreversibly changed in the land of the Pharaohs. It has to do with the basic social contract, the relationship of a people to their leaders—a concept not alien to the Islamic tradition. The oppression that the Egyptian..

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Islam's Stance On Homosexuality

Lately, there has been a lot of coverage on the degradation and punishment of homosexuals in Muslim communities. Although in many countries in the Middle East, including Egypt and Iran, homosexual behavior is not accepted and in fact punishable by death, rant and rave about Islam’s condemnation of homosexuals is...

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Fear of Poverty

Fear of poverty originates in having a bad opinion of [God] the Exalted, and its cure is in having a good opinion and knowing that what God possesses is never diminished in the least and that what has been apportioned to you will reach you inevitably.

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Lastprophet.info / Writers' Articles / Adilah S. Muhammad

Was it not that I were married on New Year’s Day, January 1st would bear no significance for observation.  Just as the American Thanksgiving is rife with historical baggage I care not to honor in celebration, the particularly Christian and Pagan origins of New Year’s Day leave me absent a compelling reason to hang a streamer.

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Black Mecca: The African Muslims of Harlem - A Review

Lastprophet.info / Writers' Articles / Adilah S. Muhammad

During the 1920’s and 1930’s, Harlem, New York, became the center of black intellectual thought, art, music and literature. Due to the concentration of middle and upper-middle class blacks in Harlem, the ability to produce and consume black culture within a culturally unique..

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Awaiting My Turn

Lastprophet.info / Writers' Articles / Najla T. Ilhan

I am still waiting.  Each year goes by, and for some reason or other, I am forced to wait another year.  I pray for my turn to make the journey, my turn face the challenge, my turn to fulfill one of the duties of passage in life, my turn to walk and pray and worship on the sacred grounds of the pilgrimage. 

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Eid al Adha: What it Means to Me

Lastprophet.info / Writers' Articles / Adilah S. Muhammad

For me, Eid al Adha was always a time to reflect upon the willing sacrifices that we must make - not just the sacrifices that occur due to adversity.  We often find ourselves in situations that require personal sacrifice, but rarely do we make a clear intention to give in sacrifice..

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Keeping the Connection to the Prophet Alive

The Prophet Muhammad is ever present in the lives of Muslims, but how often do we ask ourselves about the nature of our connection to him or how his teachings have come down to us?   Certainly we know of his teachings and example from the Quran and Hadith...

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The Covenant of Medina Versus Islamophobia

Lastprophet.info / Writers' Articles / Asma Adnan Zarzour

"Islam is intolerant to other religions"; this is a claim used today around the globe to justify the growing fear of Islam and Muslims! However, the truth is entirely the opposite.  

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