Training the Soul Beginning from the Body

Folders / Ramadan / Ali Murat Daryal, PhD

The fasting person is a hungry person. The hungry person does not forget themselves, gravitating towards the external world and making it an object for themselves as those with full stomachs do.

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A Common Form of Worship: Fasting

Folders / Ramadan / Ömer Faruk Harman, PhD

Regardless of how far back we go in time or how far away we travel in space, the reality of religion has existed in every unit of time and space where man has lived. For the need to believe is one of man's basic characteristics and creating a value system and tying it to a source of faith is a psychological and social necessity for man.

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Coming like a Miracle Each Year

Folders / Ramadan / Sezai Karakoç

Fasting is the first guest of my pen's new homeland. Just as happens every year, the time has come and the clock's miraculous alarm has sounded: we saw the non-aging, ever-fresh, ever-bright moon on the horizon as a fine, silver bow.

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Can Cinema Be a Window of Truth?

Folders / Cinema / H. Humeyra Sahin

The momentary shadows cast on the "silver screen" by man's imagination earn the right to be born again in a different time and place by means of the cinema. A shadow cast in Hollywood is born again in Istanbul. Shadows travel inch-by-inch around the world...

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From the Captivity of the Self to the Freedom of the Fast

Folders / Ramadan / Mustafa Ulusoy, PhD

The body provides boundaries for a person. It tells us where to start and where to stop. This is the first experience of boundaries that a person has in their childhood. In the same way that the human mind feels that it is buried in one's body..

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Will the Islamic World Produce Another "Message"?

Folders / Cinema / Nihal Bengisu Karaca

A festival by the name Muslimfest has been held in Canada since 2004. The cinema section of the festival is sending a message to all directors who consider themselves liable to convey the Islamic values to the “global” context by making a movie.

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The Use of Religious Figures in Cinema

Folders / Şinasi Gündüz, PhD

Undoubtedly one of the most effective means of communication in today’s world is the cinema… Not only entertaining and having a good time, but educating masses along certain lines and giving social and..

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"The Message is a Materialistic Film"

Folders / Cinema /

We can say that we are unable to successfully use the cinema not only in the area of religion, but in any area. We are a country that has lived a great rupture in the area of culture.

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"Can our Prophet be Depicted?"

Exclusive interview with Turkish film director, screenwriter and producer Mesut Uçakan.

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Using Abstractions to Depict the Prophet in Cinema's interview with film critic İhsan Kabil.

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