Friday Sermon - The Ethics of Trade in Islam

God has emphasized that mankind will only gain profit in equivalence to the work they set forth. For this reason, Almighty Allah has forbidden deceitfulness and resorting to improper measurement in trade and commerce.

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Introduction To Islam -Part II

Folders / Others / Fatma Bayram

In the Qur’an, the oneness of Allah is mentioned more than the existence of Allah. According to the Qur’an, the existence of Allah for humans is so indispensible and natural that expressions of astonishment are used for those who do not..

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Friday Sermon - The Unity of the Qur'an and the Sunna

Folders / Friday Sermons / Neşet BODUR, Ankara provincial preacher

In order for us to understand our religion well, we must know very well both our book, the Holy Qur’an, and the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad. It is impossible to think of our Prophet separately from the Qur’an.

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Introduction To Islam - Part I

Folders / Others / Fatma Bayram

  Entering into Islam is only possible with faith. It is not possible to consider someone a “Muslim” if that person does not believe in the principles that are brought by the Qur’an. In Islam, faith is innate.  God created each person with a potential..

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Friday Sermon - The Importance of Supplication (Du’a)

Folders / Friday Sermons / Prepared by: Dr. Ekrem Keleş (Religious Affairs Supreme Committee Expert)

"And when (O Messenger) My servants ask you about Me, then surely I am near: I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he prays to Me. So let them respond to My call (without hesitation), and believe and trust in Me (in the way required of them), so that they may be guided to spiritual and intellectual excellence and right conduct."

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Islamic Ruling on Female Circumcision

Ever since I was a student at Al-Azhar University, I have seen people debate over the topic of female circumcision (also known as FGM – female genital mutilation)- both Sharia scholars and medical scientists have participated in these debates.

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What really is a Black Hole?

The surprising discovery of a supermassive black hole in a small nearby galaxy has given astronomers a tantalizing look at how black holes and galaxies may have grown in the early history of the Universe.

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Prophet Muhammad and the Middle Ages IV

Folders / Others / Karen Armstrong

The nineteenth century was characterised by the colonial spirit, which was giving Europeans the unhealthy belief that they were superior to other races: it was up to them to redeem the barbarous world of Asia and Africa in a mission civilisatrice.

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Christmas and New Year

Folders / Others / Salih İnci, PhD

Christmas is a religious holiday regarded by Christians to mark the birth of Jesus (p.b.u.h.). However, nowadays Christmas is being confused with New Year celebrations by many people, and they are even identified with each other..

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Mustafa Cagrici, The Mufti of Istanbul, on the events of Karbala

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December 16 (10 Muharram,) is the anniversary of Karbala, one of the saddest events in Muslim history. We asked Dr. Çağrıcı about the day of ashura and how present day Muslims should approach the events of Karbala. His message, which emphasized that the incidents which took place at Karbala, should not continue to be a cause of dispute among Muslims, is very important.

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