What is the Call to Prayer?

Folders / Call to Prayer / Abdurrahman Çetin, PhD

The adhan is recited for compulsory prayers. If the adhan that is recited from the minarets of the mosque has been heard a separate adhan is not read for the prayer to be performed in the home. If a person is far from the mosque and cannot hear the adhan or is outside a settled area, then the adhan is recited.

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Peace Through Inquiry

Folders / Conversion / F. Betül Özer

Daughter of a priest, whose father was also a priest in the Church of England, Clare Duman used to attend church every Sunday, like every practicing Christian, until the age of 18. Today living in Fethiye, Turkey with her husband and two children..

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Prophet Muhammad: A Complete Example of Integrity

Folders / Conversion / by F. Betül Özer

In this respect, for György, Prophet Muhammad should be understood as an example in all the aspects of our lives.

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Coming Closer to God

Folders / Conversion / F. Betül Özer

Laila Franklin-Yildirim (37) is a nurse who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She has a Master of Business Administration and Healthcare Management. She also has three children (and a cat).

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A Living Model of Spiritual Perfection: Prophet Muhammad

Folders / Conversion / F. Betül Özer

Ramon Hegedus was born in 1982 in Hungary. He has been married to a Hungarian Muslim woman for 3 years. He earned a Master and a PhD degree in biological physics at Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest.

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Mawlid all over the World

The twelfth night of the month of Rabi al-Awwal is a night of the blessed memory of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) throughout the Islamic world. In every corner of the world countless Muslims wait for this night, praying, re-reading his biography and..

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Mawlid in Asia

Indonesia is one of the largest nations with a majority-Muslim population in Asia. Religion is very important in Indonesia, and this can be understood from the first principle of the state: "Pancasila", which means "belief in the one and only God."

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Mawlid in Europe

Every year the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is celebrated with a variety of different activities in parts of Europe. In nearly every country of Europe, Muslim populations come together to meet on this blessed night, to pray and celebrate together.

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Mawlid in Africa

The Mawlid celebrations in Africa are quite different from those celebrated in the Middle East or Asia. Even the name of the celebrations differs according to the country or region of the continent.

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Mawlid in the Balkans

Folders / Mawlid / İsmail Bardhi

The term Mawlid is part of the daily vocabulary of the Muslim population in the Balkans. It is a term that is of great importance meaning due to the fact that it symbolizes the identity of a people who are followers of Islam.

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