The Day of Ashura and Its Historical Dimensions

Folders / Others / Eyüp Baş, PhD

With the murder of Husayn on the 10th of Muharram 61/10, October 680 in Karbala, this date gained importance for Shiite Muslims, and it became a day of mourning on which the promise to wreak revenge for the murder of Husayn is renewed.

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Prophet Muhammad and the Middle Ages II

Folders / Others / Karen Armstrong

At a time when Jews and Muslims were being fused in the Christian imagination as the common enemy of civilisation, it is interesting that one of the first positive portraits of Muhammad in the West comes from Peter Alfonsi, a Spanish Jew who had converted to Christianity in 1106 and then lived in England as the doctor of Henry I.

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Peace Through Inquiry

Folders / Conversions / F. Betül Özer

Daughter of a priest, whose father was also a priest in the Church of England, Clare Duman used to attend church every Sunday, like every practicing Christian, until the age of 18. Today living in Fethiye, Turkey with her husband and two children..

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The Qur'an

Folders / Others / Nihat Temel, PhD

The Holy Qur'an was not revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) solely as a means to keep out of harms way, or to be read at graveyards while mourning; nor was it written down and committed to memory just so that its spirit would be espoused and its orders abandoned...

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Who does Islamophobia Frighten?

Folders / Others / Ahsen Utku

One of the most important factors in Islamophobia is that it is domineering, like a mythological dragon which everyone fears, but which is continually fed through victimization; this is undoubtedly the language used by the media. Regardless of how often concepts such as...

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Prophet Muhammad and the Middle Ages

Folders / Others / Karen Armstrong

Before 1100 there was practically no interest in Muhammad in Europe, but by 1120 everybody knew who he was. At about the same time as the myths of Charlemagne, King Arthur and Robin Hood were being evolved in the West, the myth of Mahound, the enemy...  

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Prophet Muhammad as an Enemy

Folders / Others / Karen Armstrong

It has been difficult for Western people to understand the violent Muslim reaction to Salman Rushdie's fictional portrait of Muhammad in The Satanic Verses. It seemed incredible that a novel could inspire such murderous hatred, a reaction...

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Prophet Muhammad: A Complete Example of Integrity

Folders / Conversions / by F. Betül Özer

In this respect, for György, Prophet Muhammad should be understood as an example in all the aspects of our lives.

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To Live a Simple Life under the Contemporary Conditions

ImageThe sources tell us that our Prophet led a very simple life. How would he have lived under the contemporary conditions?

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Coming Closer to God

Folders / Conversions / F. Betül Özer

Laila Franklin-Yildirim (37) is a nurse who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She has a Master of Business Administration and Healthcare Management. She also has three children (and a cat).

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