Jesus through a Muslim Lens

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Christians may be surprised to learn that Muslims believe in the Virgin Birth and Jesus' miracles. But this shared interest in his message goes much further.

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What is Christmas About?

In ancient times, December 25 was a feast of the pagan sun god, celebrated in Europe inthe depths of winter to give hope that the cold, dark days of December would soon pass.The Churches took over this date, although nowhere it is actually recorded when Jesus was born.

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My Dearest Prophet

If a wind carries me to a place I do not know, I will fly towards you on a dry leaf in order to find you, my dearest Prophet. But I want to look at your radiant face without blushing. I want to talk without being embarrassed.

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Prophet Muhammad and the Middle Ages III

Folders / Others / Karen Armstrong

The apocalyptic view of Islam promoted by the martyrs of Cordova had continued during the Crusading period, though it was not a major theme. In 1191, when Richard the Lionheart had been travelling to the Holy Land with the Third Crusade, he had met the celebrated Italian mystic Joachim of Fiori at Messina in Sicily.

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Valentine's Day: Origins & Islamic View

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As Muslims, we are required to love one another and to wish and inculcate love among people regardless of their color, race, religion, or identity. However, this does not mean dissolving our identity or blindly copying and imitating others' traditions and practices.

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Why do human beings feel the need for Supplication?

Folders / Others / Hasan Kayıklık, PhD

In the Prophet's traditions prayer is also persistently mentioned and prayer's place in religious life is emphasized. While in one hadith he says...

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The Farewell Hajj and the Farewell Sermon

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) met with Archangel Gabriel every Ramadan and read the verses which had been revealed up until then. In the month of Ramadan during the 10th year after the emigration, (December, 631) Gabriel said that...

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Who Should Eyes See, Who Should Tongues Speak Of?

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The feelings of love, dedication and respect felt for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) have for centuries influenced the life arenas of both the Islamic realm and our own society so much that most of the works handed down by our forefathers have not been without tracesof the love felt for Allah and His Messenger.

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Search for “Footprints” in Life Stories

Folders / Others / Nazife Şişman, PhD

Modern man is a searching man, whereas we should be among those following the tracks. Also we should be from those searching, but what we are looking for is footprints -the footprints of those who opened new eras and put forth good practices. 

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Bilal: The Pleasant Call to Islam

Folders / Call to prayer / Idris Tawfiq

The story of Bilal's life and journey to Islam teaches us to hold fast to the message of the Oneness of Allah and to defend the reputation of His Prophet with every breath we take and every action we perform.

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