Imam Busiri and the Ode of the Mantle

Arts & Culture / Literature / Mahmut Kaya, PhD

Poets raised in the Islamic world ning with Hassan ibn Thabit and Ka’b ibn Zuhair put forth the most mature works of their genius and art in eulogies and odes written for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). However, some of these are considered to...

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Karbala martyrs have been remembered here in Istanbul for centuries

Muharram is a month which holds unique meaning for the world of Islam and Muslims due to the fact that it is first month of the Hijri (Lunar) year and its 10th day being the day of Ashura. The day of Ashura had signified different meanings for different religions throughout history

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History of the Sacred Trusts

Arts & Culture / History / Nebi Bozkurt, PhD

Almost all members of all religious, those accepted as a primitive to those based on divine inspirations, give importance to the remembrance belongings concerning to past. Members of some religious have great respect that closes to adoration degree, to these belongings.

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