Letter To Mankind

Arts & Culture / Poetry / Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

Now, you can listen to Daniel Abdel-Hayy Moore's poems from his own voice. Moore has been writing poetry since 1964. Although he stopped writing for ten years after becoming a Muslim in 1970 he resumed writing poetry in 1980 and has published many books since. 

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Sparrow on the Prophet's Tomb

Arts & Culture / Poetry / Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

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Light of the Shadowless One

Arts & Culture / Poetry / Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

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The Understanding of Art and the Prohibition of Images in Islam in Light of Sacred Scripture

Arts & Culture / The Arts / Aziz Doğanay, PhD

In order to correctly perceive and interpret the Islamic view of art, the definition of “art” must first be agreed upon. However, this is beyond the scope of this article. It is necessary to point out that art does not solely consist of creating pictures...

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Exploring the Truth within Cinema

The ummah of Prophet Muhammad keeps their desire for seeing him until the next world, and shuns any attempts to imprison him in the shallowness of an image; this being the case, we were curious how he had been represented in film. Here we go...

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Nothing So Small as Neutrino or Gravitino

Arts & Culture / Poetry / Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

Nothing so small as neutrino or gravitino, less than a tiny click in a space less than the size of a mote         or even the shadow of a mote

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Hadith in the pages of the Mathnawi

Arts & Culture / Sufism / Lastprophet.info

Mawlana's Mathnawi shares the internal journey of man and his spiritual evolution through verses from the Holy Qur'an and hadith through various talmih (referencing) involving stories and tales.

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The Consideration of Prophet and Sunna within Mawlana Thought

Arts & Culture / Sufism / Ahmet Yıldırım, PhD

Maulana, who took the fine morality of Prophet Muhammad as his measure, attempted to show in all his works the paths of virtue and skill. When we look at the works of Maulana, in particular the Masnavi we see that he examines the blessing...

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Prophetic Love and Its Social Reflections

Arts & Culture / Sufism / Meryem Uyanık

When we turn to the Quran, which provides us with principles for happiness and well-being in this world and salvation in the Hereafter, we see that terms that describe love are fundamental to religious life. Love has both human and divine dimensions.

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